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Are you living a life of lies like so many gullible, naive individuals working hard to stay alive in a jobbed out lifestyle, resulting in jobbed out children? The curse causeless continues, as We The People continue our support with taxes in the destruction of America.

Few understand how the American system operates, just as not one penny of federal tax goes to America, paid by the working man, who is the most punished man in America. As Rothschild once shared; they don’t understand while they are supporting their own demise & total enslavement.

Upon birth, newborns are given around 75 vaccines by parents deceived enough to volunteer for the CV19™ injection masquerading as a vaccine, believing the mystery virus may be treated. Family members say they took the vax due to being health compromised, later calling Fauci a ……. and these are highly educated, well read intellectuals in the medical profession. Sad but true. They are controlled by fear and money printed out of thin air living in a highly dysfunctional confused society. They are very sick spiritually, physically & financially.

Captain Dan Hanley

Captain Dan Hanley served in the US Navy as an aviator with honors and distinction for 10 years and then as a United Airlines pilot for 25 years. Over a flying career span of 35 years, he flew 15 different aircraft accruing over 20,000 flight hours. With all this flight experience, I can unequivocally state, without reservation or embarrassment, that I could not have flown the 9/11 flight profiles, especially the Pentagon profile, and neither could the unqualified alleged Muslim hijackers.

As a United Airlines B-777 Captain, I was illegally terminated from United Airlines in violation of RICO (racketeering influenced corrupt organization) statutes for speaking out about 9/11-related safety and security issues through collusion between United Airlines senior management and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Please scroll the the bottom of this page and read the affidavit for details.

I fought my wrongful termination case for five years with every relevant level and branch of the US government to no avail. My case was closed without reviewing the tiniest shred of my solid evidence nor interviewing my many witnesses.

The entire ordeal cost me a 27-year marriage, the alienation of my two children who blamed me for the divorce, still believe the official 9/11 story, think that I am a whacked-out conspiracy nut and do not speak to me. It also destroyed a 35-year aviation career and my reputation as a pilot. I lost over $4-million in pay, pension and stock.

I do not believe that the alleged poorly trained and highly inexperienced 9/11 Muslim hijackers could have possibly been in control of the aircraft that day as they had never flown a jet aircraft before in their lives never mind the very complex and highly sophisticated B-757/767 aircraft.  It is my assertion that the vast majority of the over 300,000 pilots in the world today will agree with my contention.

I currently serve as director and international public spokesperson for 9/11 Pilot Whistleblowers. Dan lost his marriage and children along with having to leave the country for sharing the truth. Freedom is not free, never has been. Do you know the truth?

Navy Captain Dan Hanley

Those who care must share. Please wake up and speak loudly as a friend once shared. Your country & your life depends on it because the hour is very late…

In January of 2003, just weeks after Kissinger stepped down, it was quietly announced that Philip D. Zelikow would take on the role of executive director. As executive director, Zelikow picked “the areas of investigation, the briefing materials, the topics for hearings, the witnesses, and the lines of questioning for witnesses.” In effect, this was the man in charge of running the investigation itself.

Corbett Report

At CPAC, El Salvador President Nayib Bukele decried “globalism” and warned about social and civilizational decline. El Salvador President Nayib Bukele Warns Of ‘Dark Forces’ In Anti-Crime Speech At CPAC

A Great Leader

Make your life count for God’s Glory otherwise, like so many serving the god of this world, Lucifer; so who will you contract with? Remember, we’re all one heartbeat away from eternity and it’s all about location…

John 8:32

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