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The Devine will save the world. Outside of relations with Yashua Christ Jesus there is no salvation. The unfortunates never come to this reality or awakening. Our religious system has become dubious. One cannot move forward into the future without faith and without faith it’s impossible to please Father God. God is a spirit which you must emulate in order to survive. Do you believe in a transcendent reality? Man is a trifold being composed of body, soul & spirit. Far too many the spirit is dead just as many are called and few chosen. The road is wide however the gate is narrow.

AI is not a toy and does not have an off switch. Life is a genuine balance between growth and death. If you don’t die properly all the time it results in cancer & disease. If you’re humble enough to die to stupidity you may live longer. The red carpet is rolled out far too often on your way to perdition. Gaze upon death daily because the Angle of death sits upon every word. Make a difference because time is short, get at it. Hell is more disturbing than death. There are falsehoods, lies and anti-truths like overpopulation, thus the current culling using CV-19 vaccines™ causing death and longterm medical effects, all vaccines. The problem is underpopulation. Many sacrifice the future for the present. The elite have decided to make the masses poorer so the culling continues using vaccines™ and covid has worked beautifully along with destabilization of all systems. What a show?

John 8:32

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