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Georgia Guidestones vs 10 Commandments

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After the Rapture Event, only the Saints, 144,000, and those knowingly choosing evil will remain on Earth. Still, GOD’s patience and mercy goes beyond what we can fathom, for there will be a group of Humans currently in Lucifer’s camp who will flip their allegiance over to the one True GOD. But in order to be saved, they are literally in for the fight of their lives.

A new Photonic Chip technology is how the Anti-Christ will ‘sit in the temple of GOD’ and declare himself as GOD. This chip, which will be injected into the Human bloodstream, will enable a neural network to be formed using light beams. This network will connect the Human Temple or Body to a Beast A.I. Quantum Computer, whereby Humans can be controlled to do whatever the Anti-Christ programs in. Those who allow the injection of this Photonic Chip will lose their Free Will and believe what the Beast A.I. Consciousness directs them to do. In this way, they are trusting the Beast and thus worshipping it rather than the GOD Who created them.

We have entered a new era. Seeing the Guidestones decoded and then compared to the Ten Commandments really brings the reality of how far earth strayed. This is a very helpful visual and makes one so extremely grateful for people like you and the Q Team. If not for them, there would be no escape from this planned nightmare. Love, with a grateful heart, Jetson.

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