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Dr. Joseph Mercola joins us for an in depth discussion on the importance in needing to become self-sufficient, completely breaking free from the systems the globalists have created and the reality of the difficult times ahead.

Visit how to prepare for upcoming food shortages and how to take control of your health.

There is no effort or has ever been to associate vaccines with illness and death. It’s always about profit. Mass hypnosis is rampant just as critical thinking has evaporated, thus removing all vaccine injuries from vaccines.

SID’s started in the 80’s directly related to the vaccines. Now we have SAD’s which is sudden adult death and the masses still are unaware. Healthy adults are dying in their sleep.

There has never been a safe vaccine because they are necessary for long term medical effect. If doctors were in the healing business they would be out of business because doctors profit off of sickness. The bottom line is always profit and eugenics.

Dr. Mercola can be found via his website and Substack:

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