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The 2022 Christmas Holidays are here and few are prepared as money and food is scarce for many. The CV19™ who are injected traveling a very rocky road through naïve compliance in accord with the narrative. Remember, you will own nothing and be happy according to Klaus Schwab. Like those that bought the CV19™ narrative, taking the shot; centralized banks have always been the greatest tool for enslavement.

For the educated, you already own nothing and most are very unhappy while far too many are none the wiser. Understand why it isn’t wise to remain a corporate citizen. Welcome to the new world of AI and Merry Christmas.

This book changed my life and the predestined understand this. When the earth was destroyed in the days of Noah, it was due to the pollution of the blood of mankind. There is nothing new under the sun least we forget. Only the predestined pure-bloods understand this.

John 8:32

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