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Francis A. Schaeffer, years ago wrote how they would use municipal water supply systems with around 150 chemicals to dumb down the populas for control, obedience & culling. As Rockefeller once stated: I don’t want a population of thinkers but a population of workers; carefully programmed, tax filing wageslaves. Remember, the Georgia Guidestones and the 7 billion culled.

Vaccines & Schools are a large part of the equation, solely mandated to destroy all critical & creative thinking as witnessed by CV19™ designed as a bioweapon. For millions it’s a soft kill, while for many it’s sudden death. Fear has always been the great motivator and today it’s skillfully used as the culling continues.

Water Truth

Mandatory injections which most students have taken including newborn vaccines are designed for longterm medical effects. It’s up of every man, woman & child to educate with truth not found in schools or universities. Schools are a great part of the dumbing down mechanism.

The masses have spent a lifetime drinking city water causing a vast number of medical issues. Few have access to pure mountain spring water. When issues arise, they then turn to the medical industrial complex for their remedy where they are directed to the pharmaceutical industrial complex for a slow decline in health.

In America today, the majority of systems are psychopathic and parasitic in this cut, burn, poison, slash for cash, blood money system where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Far too many think it’s business as usual. It is not as the dumbing down continues in America.

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Are you Prepared?

Remember, the Boy Scout motto: Be Prepared; are you prepared? The hour is late as our country is overrun with millions of aliens so get out and get prepared because all governments kill their own, not unlike the military which is being destroyed with woke, vaxxed, transgendered, LBGQ, confused, damaged individuals…

John 8:32

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