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The state of the nation represents the failing of the corporate church, education, politics and government we once enjoyed, where, “We The People” were in charge. What happened?

“We the people” started jobbing out our children to government institutions after vaxing our newborns, creating a very damaged society void of all critical thinking. Job stands for just over broke or jump out of bed, often both. We’ve given our lives over to the beast system, Lucifer, the god of this world, with total disregard for the consequences or loved ones. What will you do?

Americans Are Gaslit

We have millions of illegal aliens invading our country and few seem to be aware and fewer are Speaking Loudly the Truth, His Truth. If one does, they are quickly removed, banned, shunned & slandered. Once the cell groups are activated it will be too late. Cell groups?

Be Prepared

The woke, vaxxed, libtards support their own demise by accepting what they have been told along with the mandates they think is law, like the maskitis disease & the bio-weapon. How many millions suffered the torture of the jab on the ventilator & intravenous remdesivir, shutting down bodily function.

Hydroxychloroquine was outlawed which would easily take care of the covie kool-aid misdiagnosed victims, costing pennies. Do you now see?

Those supporting these procedures should be jailed for life and their medical license revoked. The victims now suffering the jab, taken out of fear, the great motivator, are faithless and naive, as the genecide continues. Hospitals are no longer safe havens similar to nursing homes where most children send their aging parents in order to preserve their future inheritance with little care or concern.

Remember, 7 billion must go in accord with the recently destroyed Georgia Guidestones, erected in 1980. Will you or have you volunteered for this genecide, known as gene therapy, established and controlled by NIH, a powerful government agency responsible for biomedical & public health research founded in the 1880’s.

NIH, DARPA and the FDA collaborate to develop cutting-edge technologies to predict drug safety. Are you awake and able to critically think yet?

Few live by the old Boy Scout Motto, “Be Prepared” these days and the consequences are dire and few seem to care, much less be aware. Sadly, when it’s too late they will care, sorry to say…

John 8:32

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