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Mass Formation Psychosis explains public compliance to all Vaccines, Masks & Lockdowns as the public is being gaslit. How bad is your batch? How many auto immune issues will you encounter before eventual death?

Targeted Genocide & Deadly Vax Lot Numbers are now identifiable. If you or your loved one has taken the jab please check your lot number and do something about it. Every batch is closely controlled and clearly directed for injection.

Vax toxicity varies by batch — and it’s possible to find out if the shot you’re being pressured to take is from a tainted lot.
Dr. Jane Ruby has the receipts.
If this is correct:
* The deadliest doses are being distributed in America.
* The most injurious doses are distributed in Europe.

…and Big Pharma’s crime against humanity just went supercritical.

How bad is your Batch?

Are the Covid Shots DAMAGING Your Immune System? How do they TEST you for a VARIANT?

The Stew Peters Show – Ask Dr. Jane Ruby. How do they know you have a COVID variant? Aren’t they doing away with the PCR test? Do Covid shots damage your immune system or do they make it stronger?
Find out how the PCR test is used to test for Omicron watch does not work:


All medicines are poisons; it’s all about the dose, profit & death. There is no vaccine for Covid 19. The lot numbers make a huge difference. If it’s been impossible to isolate the Flu Virus do you really think it’s possible to isolate covid? Are you awake yet? Those gullible enough to accept the jab without redacting the indemnity clause are extremely naive. It’s not about public health, it’s about deleting billions of peeps in accord with the Georgia Guidestones erected 40 years ago. It’s always about money, medical effects, suffering & death for the fearful, godless, naive volunteers.

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