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Why Would Anyone Choose to Receive an Experimental COVID mRNA Injection which isn’t a vaccine? America is suffering from lack of Truth! Get in the Fight for those you love and care for.

The people are getting what they deserve. Order out of chaos. America is being destroyed from within by globalist agents of the great reset. The sheep will accept this as gospel; they already have. Humanity is being imprisoned by psychopaths creating serfs and slaves. Governments are waging terror campaigns against their own people. The Biden’s and the Dem’s are owned by China!

Fact #1 – These “vaccines” are NOT approved by the FDA.

Fact #2 – Risks to these Unapproved Vaccines are UNKNOWN

Fact #3 – Efficacy in preventing COVID-19 is UNKNOWN

The New mRNA Covid Vaccines inject an Operating System into your body. This isn’t a conspiracy theory, Moderna admits it.

Dr. Mikovits and Dr. Tenpenny have previously stated, prior to the FDA issuing EUAs for these experimental injections, that if these experimental “vaccines” were administered to the U.S. population, that there would be at least 50 million people murdered by lethal injection. Dr Judy Mikovits and Dr Sherri Tenpenny state a new covid vaccine could kill 50 million people in the US alone. Hundreds of Doctors worldwide warn against the experimental mRNA Injections.

The Globalist need absolute control to speed the Depopulation agenda. Total enslavement with the support of the herd is necessary under the Biden Regime using terrorism for mass genocide. They need your consent via gas lighting and fear to support compliance.


Consider this instead of destroying your life with the Luciferian Gates Injection supported by Swampy Joe Biden and his swamp creatures to include the CCP. Those succumbing to the Injection are on the way out so love them and tell them goodby.

Double down on your mask and go retard! Wrap you DNA with synthetic mRNA and enjoy the transhuman journey with Hanson Robotics. Shut down the world economy and build back better with robots because we’re erasing you for good by replacing God with Science and Machines.

Men are becoming Gods; are you prepared for a godless, fearful, synthetic, depopulated world? Welcome to the new normal world of apostate cowards. Go get your Gates Injection and check out Eternity; our prayers are with you. Remove God and face hell on earth. Welcome to the New Normal of lies, sin, fear, treason, tyranny, extortion and enslavement ending in death. Where do you stand?

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