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This is a series of conversations on Constitutional law with Ron Gibson. In this interview with Ron Gibson, we discuss our lawful rights, as Man and Woman, and our relationship, individually, with our creator. We learn that the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land. And that no man-made rule or statute has jurisdiction over the Constitution.

The Constitution underlines our power as individuals. Our rights as sovereign people, our inalienable birth right to Life, Liberty and Property–that NO MAN has the lawful right to take from us. This is UNLAWFUL. With our understanding of our rights, we can uphold and reclaim our freedom from the very tyranny that predated the Constitution of the United States, 1787, and the Bill of Rights, 1791 AND exists today! Prior to the Constitution, were dictatorships, tyrannies, and monarchies, to name a few oppressive communist systems of governing, which today, are being imposed upon the United States and every country worldwide. In today’s interview Ron discusses the lawful power of sovereign men and women vs the legal statues and rules that populate the country to which people unrightfully pay homage. “We no longer function as a nation of laws,” said Ron, “but are driven by procedures and policies [embodied in these statutes and policies]. “I am sovereign by creation without subject.”

Ron Gibson is a lawyer, practicing Constitutional law. He is a land patent historian, teacher, expert witness, and defender in southern Oregon. Ron Gibson can be reached at… His two books: •• “What you Need to Know About Land Patents” •• “You Are Not A Slave” His books can be purchased directly at: Ron Gibson 11 North Peach Street Medford, Oregon 97501

Land Patent Lectures by Ron Gibson

Ron Gibson is a former US Marine and Viet Nam veteran, currently working as a professional consultant having over 47 years of experience on the subjects of Land Patents, Mining Law, Right of Way, Water Rights, Contracts, and Constitutional Law.

Ron has several gold and industrial mineral projects in the western US. He currently serves as Vice President of the South West Oregon Mining Association and is the chairman of the Jefferson Mining District located in southern Oregon.

Ron loves history, and has a lifelong experience in cattle and horses which have also served him well in his land operations and tackling many of the issues facing rural America today.

Ron also teaches classes on Constitutional law, Mining law and Land patents. He says that deeds to land demonstrate an event in time, (similar to a Birth Certificate) whereas a Land Patent/Grant is the root title to the land; the foundation for all land titles held throughout the world; a contract possessing continuing obligations.

What You Need To Know About Land Patents: PDF

Defend Rural America with Land Patents; the perpetual creation of private property.

Private property was created in the United States of America through the issuance of land patents that transferred title of public lands to named individuals, and to their heirs and assigns forever. Each patent was signed by the President of the United States in office at the time. These transfers were direct from the national government to the individual. The States were not involved. Present-day parcels can be traced back to their original patents. Every private parcel, ranch, or farmland in the country has a land patent associated with it.

Ron’s Land Patent Checklist

  1. 1.Obtain a certified copy of your proof of ownership, usually a warranty deed or quitclaim deed.
  2. 2.Using the legal description from your deed, obtain from the BLM Records Division three certified copies of the original land patent that corresponds to your land.
  3. 3.Obtain one certified copy of every title transfer package starting from your purchase backwards to the original land patent.
  4. 4.Create a package containing the documents in the order listed below. Your package should contain about 7 or 8 pages.
  5. •A copy of your Certificate of Acceptance and Declaration of Land Patent. Staple at the bottom left corner of the first page a colorful sticky tab or 3 X 5 card with the following handwritten notice:
  3. DATE POSTED – ? – ? – 2013
  4. END DATE –       ? – ? – 2013
  6. •A copy of your certified copy of your deed or other proof of ownership. (Only certain pages needed.)
  7. •Summary of chain of title.
  8. •Notice page.
  9. •Copy of a certified copy of the patent that relates to your land.
  10. 5.Staple the pages of your package together and post the package on a bulletin board at your county court house or any other public building. Visit weekly to make sure it is still there. If not, replace it with another copy. Take a witness with you when you post it and when you pick it up 61 days later.
  11. 6.Record your package with your county recorder. Your patent process is completed.

Ron Gibson is unsurpassed as a Land Patent historian, with over 50 years experience in land patents, water rights, right of way, and property rights. As a Constitutional scholar, and expert witness, teacher, defender, enforcer, and assistance provider it is no wonder that he is considered by many as a national treasure.

On our last episode of Alfacast, Dr. Barre Lando and Mike Winner laid the foundation for this all-important topic, and we are honored to now have Ron take us even deeper. He will not only add depth from first hand experience, but address the common misconceptions fostered by naysayers and purposeful disinformation agents.

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What you need to know. Many people take for granted the term “real estate” by not knowing what it really means. Ron Gibson breaks it down as he takes us back to its origin story, revealing the truth on real estate and the underlying issues that take advantage of the American people. Having dedicated 48 years of his life in the study of Land Law, Ron shows how important it is to understand the purpose of getting a land patent on your home, most especially in the midst of knowing the fraud happening in the system. Exposing a number of laws that pose the people as the enemy, get to know the ways to figure out how to receive all your money back that has been stolen through illegal taxation by learning about allodial title or land patent.

The American people need to get in the fight for freedom – real freedom – and the best way to do that is to get involved in the information war. You can start by reading what Ron has to say.–2

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