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“Collective” Government’s massive and True Wealth Exposed!

Over twenty years ago I was privileged to meet Walter Burien while visiting with family in Phoenix, Arizona. While working as a Wall Street Broker he discovered the CAFR funds consisting of billions of dollars hidden from the average tax payer of which not one penny goes to America or the US Treasury.

All of life hinges on proper education not found in the public, private, homeschool system.

CAFR1 – Walter Burien, since 1998 has diligently worked for you bringing forward into the light of day what needs to be known about the collective scope of government finance and massive investments held. 
Government is not funding CAFR1. in fact several from within government have taken much from me over the last twenty-years.
Several individuals have pitched in since 1998 to assist CAFR1 in its efforts. “That is why CAFR1 is still standing today”. If you can assist with direct operating funds, Please go to the CAFR1 donation page  or call 928 458-5854 A.S.A.P.
I know for a fact, one (1) person can make all of the difference in the world for a positive outcome! That one person may even be you. My genuine and valid request is made of you this day.   
Exposing nests of scorpions for visibility to the public is dangerous. (Scorpions don’t like it when you show others where and how they nest) For those that help, a big Thank You from WJB

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