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Bob Dylan has always been among the best and once again he has proven his craft with an exceptional song laden with profound truth. Take heart, awaken and share truth. 

For years the warning has gone out concerning many issues, We the People embrace today with billions in lock down, millions $ lost and millions clueless.

Daily, the masses quietly drink the covie kool-aid as the events are once again unfolding As in Dylan’s beautiful song, no-one took action for the foul events regarding Murder Most Foul as the curse continues as the normes ask no quarter and no quarter is given. 

By Father’s Grace, todays Leadership, Father God appointed, is doing something about the past events. Those asleep are not aware however daily the more well read, alert and intelligent are awakening and speaking up, just like Dylan. The elite have always pushed for the fulfillment of the Ten Planks and the more easily led support their own destruction as they applaud Socialist/Marxist Agendas. Remember, All lives matter; Christ life matters. 

Bob Dylan is once again speaking truth so pay attention to the words and get busy because the times they are a-changing. Like todays America, its Murder Most Foul. Awaken, Educate or pay the ultimate price because all actions have consequences and above all, Pray…

What was done to JFK has been attempted many times with Donald J Trump without success. People please awaken and stand firm for the President; Trump is the only man standing in the way of the most evil, satanic, godless coming for every American with the aid of Biden, Obama, Clinton and the Bush cartel…

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