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Today is Thanksgiving Day and it’s heart breaking to know so many family and friends have fallen for the covie kool-aid out of total fear and disinformation with the help of the CCP & MSM. Some bought the fear ridden hype for the sake of a job like far too many place money above life, family, parents and friends. Too many are totally unaware of the eternal consequences for their actions. Visit JP for a bit of awareness and possible awakening.

If you are someone who naively fell for the vax I am so very sorry. This I’ve shared, for years, with far too many and it’s still painful. This genecide has been carefully crafted for a long time.

When 3 years of age I was forced to experience two vaccines which blackmail was used. There has never been a good vaccine; even Jonas was lacing his polio vax with cancer just as all vaccines™ given to newborns. Read his book, “Survival of the Wisest.” The masses are so easily injected and culled from cradle to grave and all for money and it’s so very sad. The CDC is owned and controlled by Big Pharma, just as they too are in the M&M business because it’s all about money & murder.

CV19™ is a bio-weapon for genecide in accord with the eugenics society. Gates, Fauci, Soros & Klaus Schwab have covered every base just as 500 billionaires have been produced off the shots in 24 months. If you fell for the vax please share the truth with those loved and cared for. JP Sears is doing his part, will you? Happy Holidays…

Deception This Week! Thanksgiving Special News Update. Pray for those who have fallen for the beyond meat Gates agenda. May want to visit Dr Ken Berry on youtube.

John 8:32

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