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At the young age of 32, over 40 years ago, walking with Christ became a way of life while traveling around the world, involved in medical missions & evangelism which few experience. Far too many live solipsistic lives working daily for money which is created out of thin air simply to survive while paying 1/3 in federal taxes while not one penny goes to America or the US Treasury. For the less aware, it does not pay for the roads either.

Few realize they are trifold beings by design of body, soul & spirit and the spirit is seldom fed which can only be fed through Scripture. Very few today read, understand, employ or live Scripture.

John Graham Lake was a Canadian-American leader in the Pentecostal movement that began in the early 20th century, and is known as a faith healer, missionary, and with Thomas Hezmalhalch, co-founder of the Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa.


John 8:32

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