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Twenty eight year old basketball player who complained of myocarditis after Pfizer COVID jab dies of heart attack!

Another “died suddenly” a young athlete. How long can even the dumbest remain willfully dumb? Why are you remaining silent?

Most folks don’t know that the Mosaic Laws declared willful ignorance a sin! The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life.

Making a conscious decision to ignore facts and continue to believe a lie even when evidence of its falsehood smacks you in the face falls somewhere between willful ignorance and premeditated stupidity (it takes a lot of mental energy to remain that dumb).

The irony is that many of the folks who’ve purposefully joined in this cult of mass psychosis are the so-called intellectuals and the well educated amongst us.

This is the result of mankind putting its faith in mankind in lieu of recognizing and trusting our creator. To trust in government, science, the medical community and the pharmaceutical companies is high treason against the throne of God, idolatry in its purest form, rebellion in the first degree.

Of course no one will ever lie to us more often or more successfully than we do to our own selves when we refuse truth and choose to promote deception. Thus the strong delusion becomes reality and truth becomes a lie. Paul wrote, “beware of science, falsely called so….”

Because of courageous pro-life and pro-faith warriors, LifeSite is able to broadcast the truth in a world of darkness today. Together, we are here for the silenced and persecuted. We will not let the evil agenda of others stop us from sharing the truth! We need your help to reach our summer campaign goal. Give today and be part of the moment for truth!

John 8:32

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