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Why We Are Carnivore

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Dr Anthony Chaffee’s presentation for KetoCon discussing the evidence behind why humans are carnivorous beings. I address this from a Biological, Anatomical, Evolutionary, Anthropological, and Metabolic/Biochemical point of view for an overall picture behind why our optimal way of eating is fatty meat, in absence of everything else, including salad. I hope you enjoy it! For resources, scroll down.

Think about it: Gates wants everyone vaccinated so they will eat bugs while getting rid of meat, eggs, cheese & milk. The processed, so called food Gates promotes is sic. Like the vaccines, he is leading everyone to a soft kill and those foolish enough to fall for the covie kool-aid are clamoring for the next booster while making billions for those invested in the next variant. Remember, the Georgia Guidestones which were blown up recently down in South Georgia so think about it.

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