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   “I’m a West Point grad, planned on a military career, but I’ve been in 5 years and am getting out,” said the young man, tears his eyes.  We were talking at a homestead fair and he was looking for his next mission and homesteading was on his radar.

            Caught in the covid mandatory jab situation, he appealed to his superiors and went up the chain of command, desperate for an exemption.  Here is the part that floored me.  He said every commanding officer all the way up as high as he could go responded:  “Yes, I know it’s unconstitutional, but those are our orders and we have to follow them.”

            Let’s all step back and consider that we now have a military command that doesn’t care about constitutional issues; all they care about is following orders from the deep state.  That should make your hair curl.  When the only conviction in life is to do what the mob wants, you’ll do anything.  What if these officers who swore an oath to defend this country had included a sense of truth in that commitment?  Or a sense of the constitution?  According to this young man, had a fraction of the officers who knew the order was wrong had defied it, everything would have been different, not just for them but for the rest of the country.

            He said so many good people left the military and are leaving the military over this that they’re being offered a $50,000 signing bonus just to come back in.  He said the military has gutted its best people and what’s left are mindless dregs.  This is from a West Pointer whose only goal in life was to be a career military guy to defend this country.

            In a related interchange, I talked with a recruiting officer at another conference recently who said 9 out of 10 young people who wanted to join the military are ineligible primarily due to drug use.  But it’s not illegal drugs.  It’s prescription drugs, primarily for emotional disorders like depression, aggression, or psychological problems.  Our young people are that dysfunctional.

            What a change from the WWII generation.  

            What does this mean?

From cradle to grave the vaccine industry has produced billions for the medical cartel, the white coat prostitutes and all for the bottom line. This genecide is not new just as vaccines create long term medical effects for decades.

Genuine men of God operating in integrity are few and far between. America is in great trouble and the sheep continue over the cliff without any Shepard. Sheep are always led by fear the greatest motivator which always has been and always will be. The results of CV19™ continues to do its work. Stay alert & be prepared. America is no longer healthy so what will you do? What will you do today? Truth is no longer known…

John 8:32

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