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Attorney Tom Renz has dedicated his life to exposing and FIGHTING the unadulterated evil which now surrounds us from all sides in the United States. And I have to tell you frankly friends, as an American who has been to Mexico several times recently, including NOW as I write this to you from Huatulco, Mexico – it is a kinder, healthier and in many ways freer place to be. More on that in the future. May God bless and protect the truth tellers and warriors.

Dr. Kirk Moore, who is persecuted by the U.S. government for standing up for children in the world of vaccines, long term medical effects & genecide. Where are the real, genuine, honest doctors?

Dr. Kirk Moore and his staff have been indicted for standing against the government’s COVID vaccine mandates. They are being made an example of to all medical professionals that they cannot question the medical judgment of the federal bureaucracy. There is an abundance of scientific evidence that the Covid vaccine harms, injures, and kills. Doctors who dare act upon their Oath to provide the best medical care for their patients are in jeopardy.

“When physicians believe a law violates ethical values or is unjust, they should work to change in law,” the Code says. “In exceptional circumstances of unjust laws, ethical responsibilities should supersede legal duties.” – AMA Code of Medical Ethics

Government is not your physician and COVID-19 is not a political illness. Healthcare is personal and individual, and if physicians are no longer capable of providing the care their patients desire and deserve, then we as Americans are in jeopardy of losing our right to personal and individual healthcare. This is why we need your help.

As the masses continue to be hoodwinked along with the punishment of the Truthers, more need to take a stand, speak up and prepare. More than ever families need to pull & prepare together because the hour is late and few are awakening.

Far too many remain compliant & obedient to this worldwide genecide. Those wise enough to refuse the needle are being attacked through the food supply. Those who refuse to support the promotion of CV19™ needle (soft kill) producing billions for the industry are being punished, canceled, injured & eliminated. What will you do?

Trump & Kennedy?

It’s a corporation for corporate citizens, what some call the Land of Oz. Remember: Christ alone & Him crucified for each one of us my friend. Do you know Him; better yet does He know you? Have you made full proof of your ministry? The hour is late; read the Book…

John 8:32

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