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America needs more real Americans like Tucker Carlson willing to be a genuine journalist. There were many issues not covered however it is a start which few are willing to risk. Most don’t have the character or backbone to take a stand against team dark. Where have all the critical thinker gone?

Remember, they want you sick, controllable, compliant & ultimately dead as the genecide of CV19™ continues traveling down the road worldwide. What chance do children have since they’re vaxxed from cradle to grave? America has been completely gas-lighted by pharma & the medical cartel. The government schools are working overtime in support of the largest criminal enterprises in America. The programming is working beautifully as America continues to be improvised in this both visible & invisible prison that few understand or see.
Vaxxed To Dealth

“If a fish tank is dirty, you clean the tank. You don’t drug the fish.” Calley Means makes the case against Ozempic. Vast amounts of money is made from sickness and never health. CV19™ produced billions while fully displaying the inability to critically think. America has become a slave colony by design and few are awakening due to a well programed, over educated, mind-washed society. Gone are the physicians, welcome the prescriber’s promoting corruption, profits and a slow painful death.

A True American

The majority today are operating in a confused state of mind. They easily shun, ban & slander anyone exposing truth. Like government schools, CV19™, newborn vaccines, following the narrative promoted by MSM, politicians, WHO & the CCP, confusion remains the standard. Critical thinking was destroyed through government schools many years ago.

Fear has been professionally wielded and the victims are simply that. Therefore the masses remain in a sad state of survival like droids as the parasitical system drains their very life while awaiting the next big event. Fear is the grand promotor which few understand much less prepare for & none the wiser.

CV19™, hacking the DNA of mankind, the fraud of the monetary system & the controlled genecide of the world population has been most effective. The maskitis disease and the billions of volunteers complying with mandates which are in no way law, has been most effective.

Sheep will be sheep as they easily accept the propaganda of Fauci, Gates, Soros & Klaus Schwab. Americas politicians have been easily bought and paid for. America has the most expensive government money can buy owing allegiance to the American Corporatocracy.

By supporting the FED, Americans are fully funding their own demise & enslavement as stated by Rothschild. And now we have the worldwide genecide like CV19™ baby vaccines™ causing many long term medical effects. Only those dealing with cognitive dissonance would support the white coat pharmacological dealers producing billions in the name of health. It is & always been about profit employing longterm medical effects.

Sadly, most live for the world, like psychics, intuitive humanist satanist, atheist, transhumanist, sodomites, et al, who all live for the trappings of the world relying solely on their pathetic intelligence or lack thereof.

Tucker Carlson and Bret Weinstein discuss Big Pharma and the World Health Organization’s dark agenda.

Bret Samuel Weinstein

Christ came to die for our sins leaving each with a variety of gifts which few employ, understand or share. The majority of teachers operate in apostasy not unlike the corporate run church designed for the corporate fiction, citizen, subject in attendance.

The masses always dance around the truth like the 10,000 hacking at branches to the one cutting at the root. Always live and seek Truth, His Truth. Our Abba Father cares greatly for you.

Enough Said…

John 8:32

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