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An Exceptional Documentary

TipToe To Tyranny is a series by Award Winning Filmmaker, Chris Harrigan, that begins pre-pandemic and takes the viewer all the way to the Canadian Freedom Convoy and covers everything in between. From mandates to lockdowns, along with the people pushing back, this filmmaker found himself in the middle of all of it, every step of the way.

Chris Harrigan is a Producer/Director/Writer from Eastern Canada with a background in Cinematography. After over 20 years working on hundreds of productions for Broadcasters such as; Discovery Channel, Documentary Channel, HBO, FOX, ABC, VICE, CBC, CTV, The Trailer Park Boys, and many more, and despite a successful career with many awards and nominations, Chris felt a sense of urgency in the world that led him to leave his career in the mainstream to pursue his heart’s interest in getting the truth out about our current situation.

TipToe To Tyranny part 1: “First Steps,” explores the world situation just prior to what the WHO called the Covid-19™ Pandemic. We examine the narratives and mechanics that had already been put in place by governments, big tech and world corporations.

Far too many family & friends have downed the covie kool-aid promoted through godless fear and now CV19™ is destroying/torturing the children via the vaccine industry set on genecide. Healthy children don’t need vaccines producing long term medical effects for the cut, burn, poison industry otherwise known as slash for cash.

The Georgia Guidestones erected in 1980, until destroyed recently, told the entire story. Those promoting the kool-aid are making billions while the naïve fearful, willingly volunteer, thus ending their lives in total despair, enslavement, servitude & sickness producing massive profit for the medical cartel & big pharma.

Those who truly know Christ Jesus stand tall, speak truth and walk in great faith while educating the less fortunate. The mark of the beast lives as exhibited by the fearful faithless. Parents must awaken to the lifetime of damage the vaccine industry is causing as cognitive dissonance continues its work among the masses.

Our enemy is ignorance and we are surrounded just as stupid can’t be fixed because they will drag you down to their level and beat you with their own experience. Rely on our Abba Father’s wisdom and not worldly wisdom.

John 8:32

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