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Metabolic disfunction is at the heart of all disease on the American farm as we continue to be farmed out.

Every institution in America that touches our health is all about profit. Health care is a business designed to grow always in need of more patients which is working beautifully. Unless those aware take responsibility for their own health things will only get worse.

Every American must have a red pill moment if true health is desired. Today, the health care industry is booming. Nutrition classes are never taught in medical school and most are clueless. The sick child is the most profitable industry in America today, creating a booming business for the medical & pharmaceutical industry today. CV19™ is the most profitable weapon for the industrial complex arena yet.

Sickness Equals Profits

American have bought into the junk science of the day, creating a unique cult of droids, while causing longterm medical effects from cradle to greave.

Maybe it’s time to awaken to the reality of life, liberty, property & the pursuit of happiness. We now have access to information allowing change that was never before available. Through body awareness and listening to the Lord Jesus Christ we can change. Most all systems have failed so it’s time to do your own research which is everyman’s only hope.

The pharmaceutical industry is funding all the sacred cows of the day and the sheeptards & libtards continue buying in pursuit of dream homes, cars, jobs, vacations and more money. The masses place jobs & pay far above health and wellness.

Watch the Wizard of Oz produced in 1939 concerning the lack of courage, heart and intelligence which is desperately needed today as sheep continue following the yellow $ brick $ road. The majority have no idea what money is or where it comes from resulting in slavery & control. CV19™ proved how easily sheep can be led to their own destruction and death resulting in useless eaters while fulfilling the Georgia Guidestones erected in 1980 and recently destroyed…Go figure…

John 8:32

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