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Clear your mind of all pre conceived notions about sickness, virus, etc. Over time one lie or deception leads to another, then a cover up, more lies, more corruption, then more money, greed, prestige, corruption, and eventually the marriage of all this with the eugenicists. depopulation, psychopaths and marxists, all merged together to satisfy their mutual agendas.

Dr. Lee Merritt discusses the DNA harvesting throughout history that has led to the targeted damage of human DNA, the “elite” bloodline that is immune to the bioweapon attack, whether viruses actually exist, the possibility of repairing human DNA and more.

Expose The Truth

Vaccines are a military weapon for depopulation. The CDC is uniformed military. It has a surgeon GENERAL. It has monetary patent interest in deploying biological weapons against those they consider their Enemy. OF COURSE they will say that it is ‘medicine’ and that they are doing it for the ‘public health’. But then you WOULD say that if you were running a psychological warfare operation that had been successful since at least 1722. Unfortunately, the MSM folks can’t get this just as the Georgia Guidestones, recently destroyed, told the truth. Welcome to the world of synthetic biology laced with fear & confusion. Grab your rabbits foot and enter the world of the Stockholm Syndrome. There is no test nor has there ever been a test for CV19™. PCR test are all a lie which is probably why Kary Mullis is dead. Kary was the inventor who said they simply don’t work due to false positives. Imagine that.

There Is No Covid

Pogo said; I’ve met the enemy and he is us. Take the CV19™ shot & collapse the immune system. It’s entirely up to you. Marburg is a psyop just as Monkeypox, cv19™, et al. It’s all about manipulation and control using nanotechnology coupled with fear from cradle to grave.

Share The Truth At Whatever Cost

By definition, if you are “Following Orders” You Cannot be exercising Conscience.

John 8:32

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