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The Superiority of Christ is the best 4 part series preached by John Weaver on the issues concerning the Sabbath. Shabbat or the Sabbath, also called Shabbos by Ashkenazim, is Judaism’s day of rest on the seventh day of the week. Pay close attention if anyone desires clarity concerning keeping of the Sabbath.

Keeping the Feast is a great way to teach families how to better understand the written Word of God, our Abba Father, for those who know and believe in Jesus Christ Yashua Hamashia.

Man is a trifold being of body, soul & spirit. The body we daily feed. The soul is the blood life. The spirit is rarely fed thus few are led by the Holy Spirit. Scripture states the spiritual world is far more real than the physical as the spiritual is where the real battles take place.

It is through Scripture we learn to experience the wisdom of Jesus Christ while the masses operate through the wisdom of the world which leads to death. Demons appear to live among the possessed where they operate with great ease. When men have no foundation in Yah void of His spirit, deception rules. There are gifts of the spirit and discerning of spirits is one that few incorporate or operate in.

Those volunteering for CV19™ producing billions for the investors along with a worldwide genocide is a prime example of how effective the social programing has been. Few today realize the satanic goal is to remove 7 billion from the face of the earth. Those walking with Christ, the pureblood, understand. Those led of Christ, who serve their Abba Father, know these things. The question is who do you serve; who will you serve? Eternity awaits the faithful, hence, to live is Christ & to die is profit.

The church of old once was where the faithful visited to learn every issue concerning life & how to live from birth to death. A great example was Jonas Clarke (December 25, 1730 – November 15, 1805), sometimes written Jonas Clark, was an American clergyman and political leader who had a role in the American Revolution and in shaping the 1780 Massachusetts and the United States Constitutions. Hancock-Clarke House, 36 Hancock St., Lexington, Massachusetts. The church today like the schools today has run off the rails as those awake can see resulting in what we have today.

The Sabbath Principle of Rest is another exceptional sermon on the keeping of the Sabbath by Brother John Weaver that needs to be understood by every man of Faith.

Those who prepare only for this life are in great trouble, because eternity is poised on the horizon awaiting everyone, both faithful & unfaithful. Are you fully prepared? Does He know you? Do you know Him?

John 8:32

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