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The CV19™ flu is producing billions for the Corportacracy and has been extremely successful in culling & sheering of the corporate citizen which is nothing more than a subject owning nothing. Listen carefully to Dr Astrid, a brave, intelligent whistleblower.

These brave ladies care more for their loved ones than their own lives. Like Dr Simone Gold, MD, JD, Author & Founder of Front Line Doctors was jailed for speaking the truth concerning the CV19™ plandemic. Doctors were once trusted but no more as they have become check the box actors and all for money.

Virus Fear To Digital Control

Ann Vandersteel explains how to disentangle yourself as a corporate commodity. Break the chains of slavery because slaves own nothing. Insidious forces are involved in strengthening the surveillance state for control, manipulation, eugenics and money.

John 8:32

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