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The reality of todays events are explained in these two documentaries hosted by Mike Adams and David Wilcock. It is every-mans duty to understand todays state of the nation along with the ultimate agenda leading to transhumanism. Transhumanism is Klaus Schwab’s ultimate dream for humanity.

What you do will determine your future pending the level of your education, understanding and implementation. Thinking is complicated, complex and difficult for the masses as they are daily spoon-fed with misinformation, propaganda and vaccines from cradle to grave. It’s all packaged in godless fear. Without Faith, it’s impossible to please God.

Outside of relations with Christ Jesus it’s impossible to know, serve or please our Abba Father as He alone gives us Wisdom in navigating the seas of commerce just as few are capable of sailing. Our enemy is ignorance and we’re surrounded, just as it’s impossible to fix stupid. View all truth through the eyes of Scripture relying on His wisdom.

Part l The Disclosure

Part ll The Disclosure

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