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In the King James version of the bible we find this scripture interpreted to say that there will first be a great “falling away”, which is how most of us have heard and been taught. Here it is rendered as a “rebellion”, which describes the times leading up to the revealing of the Man of Sin, the Antichrist or…….The Lawless One more accurately!

We’re seeing that rebellion against God  take form now amongst mankind and will see it grow rapidly going forward. He will seek to change times and laws and will cause men to rebel against their Creator just as his father, that old dragon called the devil or Satan did!  He will be “given” dominion over the saints and will wear them out for a short season (3.5 years) but will be destroyed, as will his false prophet.

We have two choices, resist or yield, fight or comply, join good or evil or, as Sarah Huckabee Saunders put it, choose “normal or crazy”.  There is a clear dividing line forming and all of mankind must choose whom he will serve, no more will neutral territories will be available.

Be strong, do exploits!

Engineered changes over the years, by their own admission!

Feeling more “secure” or under more “security”. There is a difference!

The Mad Hatter is definitely in charge!

Into the abyss we go!

This reads like the “my worst nightmare” for sane people.

Very few seem to be aware today and even fewer are willing to change and take action. Those awakening have worked all their lives for money without any understanding of how genuine money and law works. Maybe it’s time to awaken and take action just as Faith without Works is dead.

The majority or masses are US Citizens which are corporate citizen’s bred for fleecing, sheering & culling. Anyone with a number is a corporate fiction: taxable, draft-able, innocuable, institutional & jailable, destined for lifelong slavery. With proper education and knowledge only you may change this. This is published for our children and those that will face this in their future. Do you have a number of any kind, like an SS number?

The complacent, compliant masses are killing people with vaccines™ from cradle to grave. Do you care, if so, do something! Be informed and stand up because the Vax is toxic by design…

John 8:32

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