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“The most effective way to destroy people, is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” George Orwell

How do the masses destroy themselves? Are they hypnotized? Please consider the state and fate of America as volunteers continue to accept the CV19™ injections, variants & boosters turning themselves into mindless, compliant, obedient droids. The transhuman along with AI is evolving with the unchecked support of the masses who know longer think, only obey.

We meed a great Reset, a one world government and a digital currency to better enslave, control and cull the masses. Your obedience is required. Ten years from now life will be completely different by hacking humans on a global scale.

One would think the lower IQ would accept the CV19™ injection however it’s the opposite. The higher IQ keenly accepts the injections based on junk science. Welcome to the exceptional programming of the public/private school system.

Those that can still critically think must awaken those who can’t because we’re all in this together and America stands on the brink of total enslavement and destruction. The masses will sacrifice themselves seeing this as a virtue. Fear has never been a virtue. Fear has always been the great motivator.

Plandemic Series

John 8:32

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