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The Gift of Love. Tis the season for Truth. Few families experience this gift due to pride, ego, money & worldly trappings, void of any relationship with Jesus Christ, Yashua representing the reason for the Season. You were bought with a price, do not become the slaves of men as clearly written in Scripture.

“Heaven has strict immigration laws. Hell has open borders where far too many exist, choosing the path of least resistance”

Nathan Reynolds had to escape his illuminati family in order to save his soul – and his children, so he knows a thing or two about the agents of evil who are hell bent on destroying us all.

Gift of Life

Too many depend on the beast system striping men down to pawns easily manipulated by the agents of evil, living in total fear going along to get along. The bottom of the economic food system is collapsing and few are prepared.

There are families that will force parents into nursing homes (death homes) for their parents money, having no reverence for life, including their own parents and all to steel their parents money. These are the children of Satan. They are the agents of evil that have sold their eternal soul to the highest bidder in the beast system.

The evil money changers are the merchandisers of men and the money changers, all for mammon, which is wood, hay & stubble. These people are the most miserable, drinking themselves to sleep & drugging themselves to wake up.

They are fundamentally cursing themselves. There is a feeling of dread living in this world. They are the psychopaths immersed in the most disgusting matters today. They are the brood of vipers deceiving the nations.

They are the cowards void of the courage to resit the devil, resist the dragon, resist the evil one. They are the useful idiots and you will know them by their fruits. Those called must learn obedience through suffering. May our Abba Father receive all the Glory as He daily provides for the obedient. Don’t merchandise your life or others. Stand on the Truth, His Truth. The righteous are bold as Lions.

Houses built on sinking sand will come tumbling down. When I met Richard Wurmbrandt, author of Tortured For Christ, he was living in a tiny room in Florida. It was a sad reality for one of the greatest men of God I’ve ever met but a great blessing for his entrance into eternity for the glory of Christ Jesus. Back then, I never realized I was in the presence of such a great man of God.

Communism creates/demands a mindless, obedient, compliant, fearful subject. Humanism also creates/demands mindless, obedient, compliant fearful subjects and so on to socialism, materialism, capitalism and ultimate enslavement to the best system. Communism like satanism is evil to its core. Only when Jesus Christ is held at ones core of existence is a genuine life truly lived.

What we have today is a Christian corporate (501(c)3, humanistic society embraced in absolute fear of a system of extortion, enslavement, obedient compliance as evidenced by taxpaying, CV19™ supporters & recipients leading to their own demise & enslavement. The result is a very sick society sinking to unimaginable depths of cruelty. They are the walking dead.

“A faith in Christ that can be destroyed by suffering is not faith” Remember, many are called however few are chosen. Are you chosen?

Where are the Christians of the underground church? Maybe it’s time has come again for the true non-compliant Christian. Today’s so called christian is as compliant, limpwristed, in name only, as those who would easily betray Christ. They number the rhino christians. Study the real men & women of God like Richard & Sabrina Wurmbrandt.

Only For Those Called

Today’s church has nothing on Christ in full support of the beast system, a tax filing, corporate, vaccine injected, obedient, mandated, compliant being from cradle to grave, serving satan on earth.

Learn to live the truth. To cope, many turn to alcohol & psychotic, prescription drugs which is what the medical profession offers with their cut, burn, poison medical school programing.

Tortured For Christ

There are 366 verses in Scripture stating, do not fear, like Psalm 56:3: “What time I am afraid. I will trust in Thee” Tortured For Christ was written with pen & tears while his wife wept.

Months of solitary confinement, years of periodic physical torture, constant suffering from hunger and cold, the anguish of brainwashing and mental cruelty—these are the experiences of a Romanian Pastor Richard Wurmbrandt during his 14 years in Communist prisons.

A Genuine Man of God

“My question: How can someone curse God if they do not believe He exists?. His reply,  “everyone believes in God, but few of them want to allow Him to BE God”!  There is nothing more common amongst mankind than the desire to be uncommon. Therefore we, in our rebellion, consciously or unconsciously place ourselves on the throne of our lives and push God aside. 

God is a gentleman and never forces Himself upon anyone, therefore He concedes the throne while knowing we aren’t up to the task. Some do it through religion and meticulously seek to manipulate God Himself into bending to our will through flattery and “good” behavior, even to the point of making our prayers sound more like a honey-do list than a seeking of His will. Others say “there is no God”, mostly because they are angry that He didn’t perform the tasks they gave Him. 

Many are deceived by spiritual forces as was Eve, but like Eve they are easily controlled by temptations to become “like the gods”.  Yes, the God of Self is our chief idol so much so that we even buy books and ask Mr. Google about how to help ourselves. Thinking ourselves wise we then become as fools, such fools that we refuse to repent even when the worst consequences imaginable come home to roost due to our rebellion. Straight is the gate and narrow is the path that leads to righteousness, few there be who find it! May we all open that gate and walk that path, lest we be eternally sorry we didn’t.”

Where do you stand today? The masses are slaves to job & money. Are you among those who sold their soul or do you speak loudly for Christ & His Truth, all Truth. There are two kinds of Christian: those who sincerely believe in God and those who just as sincerely believe that they believe…

John 8:32

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