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Another Bill Gates funded venture in destroying the meat industry and giving peasants an alternative food source instead. I’m Not sure I like crickets. We Develop Sustainable Insect-Based Solutions, Technologies, and Products for Agriculture, Food, and Medicine.

All Things Bugs LLC is the world’s leading innovator in the insect industry. We develop sustainable eco-friendly technologies from insects to improve food security and health. Insects make up the largest most diverse group of organisms on Earth. They are the most sustainable protein source on the planet, beating out other animal and even plant protein sources! They require far less resources such as land, water and feed to produce than cows (beef), pigs (pork), chickens, dairy and even most plant crops! However, very little has been done to utilize insects for the benefit of people and our planet. Thus, All Things Bugs capitalizes on this Low-Crawling Fruit through research, products and services in 4 key areas: 1) Food product development, 2) Insect Processing and Ingredients, 3) Cutting Edge Insect Farming Automation and 4) Insect Genomics and Genetic Engineering.

As the world’s first wholesale provider of insect based food ingredients, we manufacture the highest quality cricket powder in the industry using our patented spray drying process. May the injected libtards rejoice…

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