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Truth must be known as few are willing to embrace, much less speak loudly to the glory of God our eternal judge and Father. Integrity is everything just as truth in Christ is life.

The children, students, university students, frontline responders are the real victim’s leaving America defenseless as they continue become sickly as die off continues. This is military warfare with injurious damage.

Dr. James Thorp returns with the bombshell evidence that would definitely result in the convictions of Pfizer and Moderna CEO’s Bourla and Bancel for premeditated MASS MURDER.

The Value Of Truth

It’s time to wake up; do it for the children if not for yourself. Daily good folks are met appearing to be in a trance that have been injected with the bio-weapon known as CV19™ and it is heartbreaking to observe what is happening to American families. The covid junk science must be exposed and those supporting the genecide must be held accountable today. Transhumanism is the greatest evil mankind has ever experienced. The godless must be exposed.

John 8:32

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