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For 32 years, like most, much time was spent among the walking dead so Hollywood created a show just for the masses along with those wasting their youth in government schools. The masses have zero knowledge of law & money and even less understanding of Scripture.

The result is lives spent pursuing money, fame, possessions & fortune in the face of eternity which even fewer understand or accept among most families. You may call this fearful, godless faith as exhibited by CV19™ and the junk science the masses volunteered for leading up to the mark of the beast.

Where are the predestined pure-bloods? What is your purpose? Whom do you serve? Why are you here? Where are you going to spend eternity? Are you aware enough to care?

When this Lawless One is revealed, he will take control of the world’s systems that we now see being put in place for that purpose. He will launch the Fourth Reich, the revived Holy Roman Empire system which will change the way everything is done, override all of man’s governments and laws and do away with any resistance he encounters if at all possible.

He will have a one world government, one world monetary system and one world religion. This religion will have a “prophet” or “pope” just as did the Holy Roman Empire and he will cause men to worship this man of sin who poses as God. No law will protect you, no possession will be yours to barter with nor will you be master of your own self. No freedoms, no voice. Where do you stand today; what are you doing in preparation? Whom do you serve?

All those who seek to worship any other than this imposter will be declared a heretic by the “church” and an enemy of the “state” just as it was during the 1,000 year reign of the Holy Roman Empire. No amount of prepping or legal alignments nor gold nor silver will make a difference. Only a close relationship with The Lamb of God will help.

This son of Satan will reign, empowered by Lucifer himself, for 3.5 years and then he will be destroyed.  But those who endure to the end shall be saved!! Let no man deceive you, your eternal life depends on it!

John 8:32

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