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The world has gone mad with propaganda and please forgive those angrily caring enough to tell you the truth. They do so out of love and care for humanity as the depopulation agenda continues. The narrative of the eugenicist must become known in every part of the world. Junk science, the less informed accept, must be exposed. Critical thinking must be embraced for it is long gone.

For close to 40 years as a medical missionary/evangelist, like my Father, a Navy SEAL and Duke masters graduate, it has been a labor of love to serve the Lord God almighty through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, truth has been daily uncovered and told far and wide. The passion and love of life due solely to relations with Christ Yashua and His call on those called out, the awesome journey continues until meeting face to face eternally. It is solely because of Him and Him alone that the journey continues and always to His Glory, for He alone is worthy.

It is because of Christ that men live to His glory, continually risking their lives for truth alone found in Him and His Word written. Will you take a stand, will you speak the truth, will you risk everything for Him? Remember, He has called us to obedience and not sacrifice. Will you lead the way since He has paid the price for everyone called? Fall to your knees, become a truther…

John 8:32

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