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“Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quickly submit to and you will have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them.”

Are 5G smart meters full of danger? Smart meters are becoming more and more common. After all, sending your utility consumption automatically is a lot easier for utility companies than sending a representative. However, with most new technology, it comes with a cost. 

Soon every home will display a 5G smart meter. These meters will be a problem for everyone, especially the covid injected simple enough to sign the covid consent form without redacting the indemnity clause, thus accepting all liability resulting from the Fauci clot shot.

Smart sounds good, doesn’t it? We have smartphones that rarely leave our hands and smart meters on our homes sending data to our utility companies. We have smart speakers that are always listening, which can play music on command or place a delivery order for dinner. We are surrounded by brilliant technology that makes our lives easier. 

These devices may be smart, however, how smart are we to use them? They communicate constantly through electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency waves that flow all around us. However, just like you want to drink clean water, breathe clean air, eat organic food and use clean body products, you’ll also want to secure a clean “electronic” environment too.

Let’s take a closer look at what a smart meter actually is and what the experts are saying. Then you can decide if you should be concerned about smart meter dangers and how they affect your health.

The Take Back Your Power film investigates the benefits and risks of the ubiquitous “smart” grid program, with insight from insiders, expert researchers, politicians, doctors, and concerned communities.

Josh del Sol takes us on a journey of revelation and discovery, as he questions corporations’ right to tap our private information and erode our rights in the name of “green”.  What you discover will surprise you, unsettle you, and inspire you to challenge the status quo.

The award-winning documentary TAKE BACK YOUR POWER 2017 uncovers the shocking story behind why hundreds of local governments and millions of ratepayers are standing against the multi-billion dollar rollout of ‘smart’ utility meters. Take a journey of revelation, examining evidence of in-home surveillance, hundreds of home fires and several fatalities, systemic over-billing, health risks, unprecedented hacking vulnerability, and even extortion. The insightful and often astounding new material in this 2017 final cut exposes the agenda behind smart meters with even more clarity. And the way to solution is also opened, as the forthcoming sequel – the InPower Movement – is introduced. With compelling insight from whistleblowers, government agents, lawyers, doctors, researchers and environmentalists, Josh del Sol’s TAKE BACK YOUR POWER investigates the claimed benefits and emerging risks of a profit-based global initiative that seeks to change the way we live. What you’ll discover will surprise, unsettle and ultimately empower you. WINNER: Leo Award, Best Feature Documentary Program in British Columbia WINNER: AwareGuide Transformational Film of the Year WINNER: IndieFest Annual Humanitarian Award WINNER: NaturalHealth365 Film Of The Year

How to File an Accommodation Letter / Discrimination Complaint Associated with RF Radiation from Smart Meters

How to File an Accommodation Letter / Discrimination Complaint Associated with RF Radiation from Smart Meters

Smart Meter Lawsuits: CASES WON! 

September 6, 2018 by Yvonne Nachtigal

Encouraging news in the fight to Stop Smart Meters

Summary of Selected Smart Meter Lawsuits

This information was obtained with permission from It is in the process of being updated- please bear with us and if you have any information to add please e-mail us.

Links on how to file your own lawsuits or complaint:
Medical Request not to have a Smart Meter


HEALTH —Southern California Edison
Plantiff claimed negative health effects after smart meter was installed (Legal Documents).
\SUCCESS!!! The judge ordered the Utilities company pay for health damages or remove the meter! (Settlement Documents

Privacy, Constitutional Violations, Security Risks–Kauai, Hawaii
Adam Asquith filed for a Federal Injunction against the instillation of smart meters (Court Filing DocumentsNews Story.
SUCCESS!  The Utilities Company offered a settlement (Settlement Document) and agreed NOT to install a smart meter on the plaintiff’s property. (News report)

Mark Naea, a neighbor of Adam Asquith (who won his case against smart meters) filed a formal complaint (Legal Document) that he should not have to pay the court fees and file a separate case to get the opt-out option that was court awarded to his neighbor.
SUCCESS!!! The Public Utilities Commission ordered (Legal Document) Kauai Island Utility Cooperative(KIUC) to address  his complaint.

A legal complaint objecting to multiple aspects of smart meters. Overview
SUCCESS!!  The court ruled that the Utilities company DID NOT adequately address health and safety concerns and now must do so. Bangor Daily News

Update 6/4/15: After a 3 year PUC investigation into the health and safety of smart meters following the Supreme Court remand mentioned previously, the Commission ruled smart meters were basically safe enough. There was no vote held by the two commissioners and one of them recognized RF could probably cause adverse health effects and thought no cost opt outs [using a smart meter with transmitter disabled] should be available when suggested by a physician. Because the opinion made little sense and Central Maine Power never met their statutory burden to show safety was ensured with smart meters, opponents have appealed the decision, once more to the Maine Supreme Judicial Court. At this point, appellants brief has been filed, appellee’s brief is due June 30th and then opponents have 14 days to file a response. After this, oral arguments will be scheduled. More information and updates on the case can be found here.


Complaint that the PUC (Public Utilities Commission) did not address safety, Constitutional Privacy and health concerns. (New Story on Outcome)
SUCCESS! The Supreme Judicial Court findings are that they did not properly address these problems (health and safety) and MUST do so. The Court not agree the Privacy concerns were not addressed.


On July 9, 2010, Larry Nikkel died in a fire believed to be caused by smart meter.

Smart Meters have been “mandated” in British Columbia, however Plantiff contests that the wireless component is part of the mandate.(Press Release) (News story) (Formal Letter of Complaint – legal Document) (Letter of Complaint- scroll down)
Status: Appeal to be heard in October

HEALTH –Central California
Lawsuit filed against the CPUC (Central Public Utilities Commission) for ignoring evidence of harmful health effects of Smart Meters. (Latest updateLink on story
Status:Newly filed.

A top PG&E executive was caught spying and attempting to infiltrate a nonprofit to gather information about a forthcoming lawsuit. (Coverage of case) Curious and curiouser. (Legal Order to investigate)

Filed by an Electro-magnetic consulting firm,Wilner and Associates this Class Action Lawsuit list multiple ten grievances and is seeking $10,000 per customer who has experienced negative health effects. (Story) (Case Filing)

Residents have filed a federal lawsuit (News article) seeking an injunction to instillation (Court Documents)
Up to date info on the case
Status:Discovery phase of the case

Cases “Loss” (aka opportunity to learn so we win the next round)


According to the lawsuit, the Don Baker, plaintiff, is an engineer and was an AMI smart grid project manager.  He alleges the smart meters were not properly tested, and were seriously flawed. He found that the Sensus iConA had a “tendency to drastically overheat, and melt or burn”.  He was asked to keep quiet and was eventually terminated for failing to do so.

Status: The fire issue was not the focus of the case, it was misuse of Federal Funds.The District Attorney chose not to pursue the case, not based on the fire hazard claims, but claiming Federal Money was not misused. (case documents)


A class action lawsuit (Case documents) filed against Texan Utilities company Oncor. (News Story, Video)
Status: Case Dismissed (One analysis of why it failed)

(7/14) OVERCHARGING Bakersfield California
Initially an individual case alleging overcharging  of smart meters (Initial Filing), this turned into a class action lawsuit (News report).
Status: Initially SUCCESS! Then

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