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Society has created children that place more value on money & jobs than lives. Unfortunately, many children will sue parents for said parents money, placing more value on parents money than parents lives. These are the children of the world, children of satan, of higher education, all leading to transhumanism, the agenda of the day. Too many shut their ears to truth desiring to live in their own solipsistic world.

Most can’t handle the truth and the rest don’t want to know the truth. Truth often exposes the true character of individuals void of our Abba Father’s written Word. So many claim to be christian yet few live for Christ Jesus resulting in the insane society today.

Sadly, few are willing to change and even fewer want to change and they live among us. These psychopaths promote other psychopaths in their pursuit of life. They are the walking dead found in church, schools, government and every part of society. It’s all about power for the psychopath. Average sheep shun all responsibility preferring to live in a state of cognitive dissonance.

Nathan Reynolds

Human trafficking, SRA, mind control, child assassin and sex slave survivor and whistleblower, tattoo artist, entrepreneur and business owner, mother, and podcast host @carrieolaje on YouTube: The one and only, Carrie Olaje -SRA, human trafficking, child assassin and mind control survivor and whistleblower, father and husband, writer and author of ‘Snatched from the Flames’, podcast host @Nathan Reynolds on YouTube, content creator, international speaker, and military veteran: the one and only Nathan Reynolds AND: -Top Tier MONARCH Operator, human trafficking, SRA, child assassin, mind control survivor and whistleblower, entrepreneur, writer, Owner and Founder of Organize Safety, host of ‘The Grey Area’ podcast on YouTube, and my true love, the one and only ‘Grey’! Part of how I planned on growing and evolving this podcast for Season 4 is by getting like-minded people together for panel events that dive into topics they all have in common. The season 4 premier event featuring ‘50 Voices of Ritual Abuse’ was my first go-round at this concept and today’s episode is going to kick it up a notch by bringing together 3 young occult survivors and whistleblowers who were all groomed and mind controlled as children through MK ULTRA DELTA programming to be child killers turned deep state political assassins used for black budget operations.

Today’s show is going to be a rapid-fire question and answer format where we will take the questions that all of you submitted, go around the table giving each guest the opportunity to answer and then a group discussion afterwards before moving onto the next question. We will be rotating the order of who answers first and last to give everyone the chance to go first and we have some incredible questions that were submitted.

‘THANK YOU’ and shout-out to everyone who submitted their inquiries to these three amazing heroes and warriors! Before I finish introducing today’s guest – I wanted to give a reminder that if you are a survivor or whistleblower who wants to share your story on the podcast or wants to share any information privately with me, you can now email me at I’d also love your support on Substack where I’m taking up journaling as an outlet for me personally to reflect on the podcast, guests, and my advocacy work and you can Subscribe to me at All of my social media links are in the show notes and I can’t thank all of you for your courage to shine a light on the darkness with me and each guest! CONNECT WITH CARRIE: YouTube:​⁠ @carrieolaje CONNECT WITH GREY: YouTube: ​⁠​⁠​⁠@greyareaoperator Twitter: @greyareamonarch – / greyareamonarch Rumble: @greyareaoperator – Reddit: @greyareaoperator – / greyareaoperator Substack: CONNECT WITH NATHAN: YouTube: ⁠​@NathanReynolds Rumble: Discord

John 8:32

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