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Dr. Rashid Buttar has suddenly died at 57 years of age, May 20, 2023. His medical practice was well known and attended outside of Charlotte, NC. Dr. Buttar served with the Special Forces in the US Military and was a genuine American fighting to expose the lies & truth concerning CV19™ which has made billions for the investors while killing millions/billions.

For those who live and love truth, Dr Buttar was a great light set high on a hill. All truthers are in morning for the loss of this great doctor who was never bought and paid for by big pharma, the medical cartel or China. Buttar stood tall against the forces of death continuing to thrive on the libtard of the day motivated by godless fear.

Dr Buttar was one of the first brilliant, outspoken, intelligent doctors concerning todays genecide of the world depopulation in accord with the Georgia Guidestones, erected over 40 years ago & recently destroyed. He was a fearless champion caring enough to speak truth to the sheep, so they mocked him and killed him. Remind you of anyone?
A True American

Dr Rashid Buttar died of mysterious circumstances just days after claiming he had been poisoned following a controversial interview with CNN about his Covid plandemic information. Just like the inventor of the PCR Test, kary Mullis a biochemist, who suddenly died after publicly stating the test was useless for detecting the covid flue. It is dangerous to speak truth in a time of deceit, lies and genecide or imped a plandemic. Those doing so risk their lives when billions are involved. They are the real Americans. They are men of character, integrity, truth and so needed today.

Where do you stand today concerning vaccines, covie kool-aid and the depopulation agenda? Are you woke & injected? Hydroxychloroquine has been around since the 40’s used as an Immunosuppressive drug and Anti-parasite. It can treat and prevent malaria. It can also treat lupus and arthritis including the covid flue. For several years now it has been outlawed since billions have been made with the vent and Remdesivir as millions have been tortured unto death. Are you woke?

In loving memory of Dr. Rashid Buttar, a champion and warrior for humanity! It may be wise to prepare for the next Bio-weapon release. Graduate students have been hoodwinked & deceived as the curse continues causeless.

Dr Buttar exposed the junk science and the damage vaccines cause from cradle to grave. Buttar was one of the few critical thinking doctors venturing outside the gates of the medical cartel & big pharma. He was bravely exposing the truth which few are capable of doing. It’s always easier to promote the lies of the cartels by towing the line.

For most doctors it’s all about the paycheck, checking the box, being compartmentalized & following protocol. Don’t rock the boat, some sheep may awaken. Buttar rocked the boat…

No Maskitis Disease for those awake

Dr. Rashid Buttar talks about the Coronavirus Agenda: the real story behind the origin of Covid-19™. He will also talk about how governments are using this agenda to roll back our civil liberties and who is behind it. Dr. Buttar is trained in General Surgery and Emergency Medicine and served as Brigade Surgeon while serving in the U.S. Army.

The good doctors die young via Assassination
Connect the Dots
Don’t ignore this!

Note: The amazing Dr Buttar died at the young age of 57 void of relations with Jesus the Christ while claiming to be muslim. He operated without the shed blood of Christ, without the covering offered by Christ and this is sad for anyone taking such a grand stand while fearlessly speaking out on Plandemics. Concerning CV19™ the doctor was a American hero as a Truther of the 1st degree and we thank our Father God for his life cut short by the evil ones…

John 8:32

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