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Covid is a business just as the CDC is a privately owned for profit corporation. CV19™ is ramping up with greater promotion of fear driven pandemics in order to fulfill the agenda of Fauci, Gates, Soros, Klaus Schwab genecide.

There may be hope for those who fearfully fell for the bio-weapon injections. As the EMF’s are cranking up many interesting issues will arise. Dr. David Martin has much to say concerning these events. Millions are now gone as intended using quiet weapons for silent wars.

Dr. Wil Spencer reveals to Mike Adams how to remove nanocircuitry from the bodies of the jabbed. Mike also talks about how he almost removed his finger working on the farm and healed it in a short amount of time without dealing with the Allopathic Industry or seeking medical assistance.

If you’ve volunteered for the previous injections & boosters you may want to get involved with what’s on the horizon. This is a war on the population as witnessed in Maui with the native Hawaiians.

Take control of your health and escape the Stockholm Syndrome. Guidance for at home care and how to advocate for loved ones who are hospitalized. We are a team of nurses, health professionals, A Naturopath, A Bulldog and one Green Beret Flight Surgeon. Spread the word without fear.

John 8:32

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