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There has never been a safe vaccine and vaccine companies have no liability. FDA gets 45% of its budget from the pharmaceutical industry. CDC is a vaccine company owning many patents receiving massive royalties. Regulators are not paid to find problems within the industry. They are paid to promote vaccines.

Tony Fauci has transformed NIH into an incubator for pharmaceutical products. There are over 70 autoimmune diseases created by vaccines. The covid injection is a bioweapon. Volunteer at your own risk. In the 50’s we had 3 vaccines; today we have over 70 which are required to enter school. This is a travesty.

One out of every 300 children are premaritally damaged or die from vaccines. Vaccines are unavoidably unsafe and they are completely free from all liability. Health agencies are closely aligned with the military. All biologics are free from safety testing. Not 1 of the 72 vaccines given to children has ever been safety tested. The risk profile is unknown and this constitutes todays crafted health policy.

Bill Gates & Tony Fauci are partners controlling WHO’s policies which are vetted by the Gates Foundation. The Polio Vaccine causes polio and cancer annually. also known as Poliomyelitis and infantile paralysis. Welcome to the year of vaccines.

Interviewed by Tucker Carlson on November 15, 2021. Read his new book “The Real Anthony Fauci”

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