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“When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are being ruled by criminals.” Humans are now easily hackable and controllable as Klaus & Noah have shared.

Both Church and State have participated in the spreading of false information for enrichment, promoting false paradigms for specific results while hiding the true nature of our reality. The church has been hijacked by the dark side.

The relationship one has with Christ Jesus and His written Word is everything. The church is simply a feel good ride to assist in conforming to the norm of the day. Those who don’t conform, complying with the narrative, are politely asked to leave.

Jobbed out parents producing jobbed out children starting with grade one through grade twelve are all for programmed profit and control. Jumping out of bed, just over broke becomes the accepted way of life with few questions.

After being numbered with a Birth number (SS) (SIN) and a vast number of vaccines, causing long term medical effects, the job begins. Sheep will always be sheep and they must be led. Questions are not allowed. Critical creative thinking is not allowed. The vaxxed America has become a nation of sheep waiting to be sheered & culled.


Very few today understand Scripture, history, money & law, resulting in the defacto system everyone deals with daily.

Scripture gave us a Dejure system under God’s law meaning that which is right. Man gave us the defacto system with a narrative that must be followed for sheep void of a Shepard. The Shepards that speak loudly have all been silenced or eliminated permanently.

We must awaken or remain the same. Change is on the way and most hate change which few understand…

John 8:32

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