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Twice in American history, what we are about to see has occurred before. Trump knows the law and knowledge is power. It’s very simple. Concession speeches are not required by law however they do make for a smooth transition of power. It’s simply an American custom.

Certified votes are necessary for an elected President and these are not available today. Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Navada are being recounted. Amendment 12 gives everyone the answer. A total recount is on the way. If no ruling is made in the courts for irregularities and no concession is made and no certification is made then it’s off to the house with 475 members which is controlled by democrats.

If the election goes to the house, the election will become obsolete. The Constitution goes on to say each state gets one vote for the President and there are 50 states in the house and there are 37 conservative states in the house. Many votes have been found to be illegitimate votes. If no certification, it goes back to the house. The Constitution made a way for an illegitimate election to be overturned.

The good news is Trump will remain president continuing the work he has been elected to finish; draining the swamp and returning America to a great nation with a just monetary system. There is yet much work to be done and Trump will complete the task.

The Panther is quietly waiting in the background getting ready to pounce. This is very good news and will be interesting to watch. Enjoy the show…

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Seriously, enjoy the show as it promises to be good to the Glory of our Abba Father Eternal…

John 8:32

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