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Everyday, when everyone steps out of bed, if you have a bed, whether known or unknown, we are all at war spiritually, physically, financially, mentally & emotionally. The masses are so dependent on the matrix they are not aware they need to be unplugged, much less prepare.

War Daily

Bitcoin is an asset which is un-seizable with a market offering a way out of the fiat money fraud. Bitcoin is not good for those in power.

Would you like to live in a world free of the control of agencies and state; where everyone is free to work and grow?

A true currency like Bitcoin will eliminate all the bad actors such as the FED.

The people must stop the fiat fraud of the FED once educated. The FED supports two paradigms: Warfare & Welfare. The Military Industrial Complex receives 8 Billion annually. Social cohesion is evaporating.

We live in a world where common sense is an act of revolution. Of course, those with common sense are few and far between. To be able to see the truth is liberating. Are you prepared? Boy Scout Motto: “Be Prepared”…

John 8:32

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