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Sheep will always be sheep easily led by the profiteers. Like General Butlers book on warring rackets, big pharma, likewise makes trillions off vaccines as the MIC leads the way controlling both pharma & war.

In the 50’s with 3 vaccines, today to 75 vaccines including covie causing extreme longterm effects producing billions while killing many. Welcome to the toxic soup most swim in today.

Vaccines & War Kill

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kennedy was a frequent guest on CNN, MSNBC and other media outlets — until he started saying controversial things. He’s since been heavily censored, but his desire to speak the truth to the American people has prevailed.

If the so called Christian community would stand tall while speaking loudly the truth, we would not experience todays state of the nation or what’s left of it. When we are censored & banned we know longer have a first amendment and only a few are first amendment absolutest.

The majority go along to get along. Would they be the sheep? You decide for your family & friends, because it is their life you are risking and the hour is late…

John 8:32

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