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Nathan Reynolds exposes the new world order death cult and all of the ancient hate they feed on to motivate their endless crimes against humanity. We also talk about MONEY, the root of evil and how to survive what’s coming.

Very few today are aware of the events coming to their door. “The federal government cannot do indirectly what the First Amendment forbids it from doing directly…”


The globalist agenda has never been more obvious as we are embarking on a vast frightening experiment, just as the sheep have no Shepard. For many it’s simply business as usual as the empire of control continues to grow.

Just as the church has incorporated 501(c)3 for the sake of money and far too many have fallen pray to this evil device, the almighty dollar. Blood money literally flows through the church as babies continue to be sacrificed along with newborn vaccines causing not only death but long term medical effects.

The sins of the father’s are passed from generation to generation just as society has been seduced into total slavery.

The whole world seems to have come down with Mass Psychogenic Illness, to one extent or another. If you click on “history” you’ll find the last “outbreak” of this phenomenon is accredited to “mass social media disorder” in 2021.

We realized we weren’t in Kansas anymore but it dawns on me that this planet has now entered, “The Twilight Zone”. Somewhere in the background, I hear the Beatles singing, “Strawberry Fields Forever”.  The real elephant in the room behind modern man’s mental illness is the fact that the root cause of it is Spiritual Illness.

Nothing can be more maddening than godlessness as it puts one in a state of fear and hopelessness. But the believer is spared from this as we are saved by hope. This darkness around us is to a great extent, our own fault as darkness doesn’t really exist, light does, darkness is merely the absence of light. Were we to shine our lights brightly, the darkness would have to give way and we could once again live in a world with some sanity and reason. Until then darkness will prevail.

The only way America is failing is from deliberate destruction from within and it is coming down fast because the people remain asleep placing more importance on money than life. As children discard life for money the controlled slavery continues while unable to comprehend their own demise.

Learn the art of operating in the gray economy. There is no rest for the wicked and their foot will be snared by their own design. Starvation is coming to your doorstep just as the food eaten today is not food solely designed for sickness and the white coat prostitutes.

Are you part of the remnant or are you running with the masses and the herd mentality. Are you willing to break the curse? Since the day of John the Baptist, the kingdom of God suffers violence and the violet take it by force…

John 8:32

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