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Blessings to You and Yours during this special time of year for getting together with Family and Friends. Enjoy this short letter along with videos. Blessings to You and Yours in the Christmas Spirit of Christ-Mass, Love & Wondrous Joy.

It’s been a wonderful year and a wonderful life, with few exceptions, and now in my 70’s with a beautiful wife and 4 incredibly healthy, intelligent, amazing, unregistered, unvaxxed, unschooled children and all to our Abba Father’s unbelievable Amazing Grace. With 9 years spent in 6 universities, all 4 children out-read & outperform 99% of private, public, homeschooled children. The system is designed to destroy all critical creative thinking for a more naive, compliant society, as evidenced by lockdowns & CV19™ and the vax bioweapon.

Thanks to His consistent Favor, Wisdom, Mercy & Protection, we are healthy, wealthy & wise beyond measure, because we continually seek His Wisdom, unlike the world’s wisdom which pales in comparison.

Now here’s a little something to celebrate the many blessings along with the birth of Christ Jesus in your heart. Remember, “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth”, while making full proof of your ministry.

Fear is the virus while Christ Love is the cure from the beginning of this plandemic, psyop, genecide. So great awakening comes with great tribulations. Keep the Faith, see the good, take a stand in Christ Jesus always leaning on His wisdom. Do not embrace godless fear. Prepare as never before and stand for Christ alone embracing truth by becoming a Truther because the hour is late, the harvest is plenty and the laborers are few. “Be Prepared” old Boy Scout motto; eternity is very long…

As shared, Great Awakening comes with Great Tribulation just as communication is the kiss of life. It goes with the territory, the psychological terrain since dysfunctional greed rules too many families. The dark-side is incompatible with the light side so live as if your life depends upon truth, because it does.

Welcome to the New Year as 2023 may be much different than imagined, and yet more wondrous than you ever hoped for, so keep the faith and seek the good. It’s all absolutely predestined while the over educated think they’re in control just as those void of an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Remember, the Georgia Guidestones recently destroyed; make wise decisions.
Have a Wonderful Year!

John 8:32

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