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On June 24th 2021 Christopher James made a special appearance at a British Columbia Public Courthouse via teleconference exposing the BAR [private society] members for massive constructive fraud they are all committing knowingly against we the people seeking justice.

It is time we come together and end this massive fraud against every man and woman. Let this be a global ‘Notice’ to the world…and especially EVERY parasite [people] acting as lawyers, judges, registrars within our public courthouses who are to provide good faith duties &services …

i…claim …trespass [malfeasance, constructive fraud, Barratry

We the people are not property and no one in said buildings acting as a public servant has contract  privately or with service corporation[s] these people act through providing good faith services.

Let it be known far and wide … the “Rules of civil procedure” … Supreme Court Civil Rules” and other similar named court procedures presented to we the people at our public courthouses have no jurisdiction over we the people to access and move our claim[s] and court outside of this repugnant society who’s entire business model is based on YOUR ignorance… time for change.

People acting in ANY role providing services have duties and obligations…

People acting in ANY role providing services don’t have rights…when acting.

Only a [wo]man has rights…duties and obligations do NOT trump the people’s god given rights!

Lastly …service corporations… do NOT write laws over we the people…it’s that simple.

Justice is coming worldwide by people on mass…

God Speed to all…we will end this evil now exposed fully for the people to see. 

Christopher James

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