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When well meaning obedient, compliant citizens follow the narrative of the corportacracy they are damaged for life while dying at a young age sick & diseased from baby vaccines to CV19™, the ultimate kill shot. Unfortunately, until someone in your family dies will the mass awaken. Out of fear few will take action much less speak loudly.

Dr. Renata Moon continues to be persecuted by the state of Washington for daring to speak the truth about the experimental covid vaccines and “side effects” which are maiming and killing people around the world. Now these bioweapons are listed on the traditional child vaccination schedule in the United States, just imagine what horrors result from that horrific mandate. Dr. Moon’s courage and tenacity in the face of such evil should serve as inspiration to truth tellers and whistle blowers at Pfizer, Moderna and around the world.

Sheep will always follow the narritive by getting vaxxed, going to school, getting a job & of course, paying their fair share as the curse continues causeless as recorded in Scripture which few read, know or understand. The young & dumb will always follow the CDC council controlled by Big Pharma, the media & the agencies, permanently damaging the heart of their child. Stop trusting the white coats & the cartels.

This CV19™ bioweapon must continue to comply with the worldwide genecide as published on the Georgia Guidestones 1980 and recently destroyed.

Enough Said…

John 8:32

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