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Study at your own risk. You alone can make a difference. Everything posted requires research and critical thinking which is greatly lacking due to much programming and fear of the truth. Only those truly led of Christ and his Holy Spirit relying on His wisdom alone can know and live the truth. Genuine Christians are the light of the world, the rest, the masses are the walking dead.

Truthers Wanted

Johnny Cirucci is an american expert on power structures and the influence of the Jesuits and the Roman Catholic Church on our society and religious institutions.

As an author, he has written several books on these topics including “Romans of Mass Destruction”, “Disciples of Ra!” and “Illuminati Unmasked”.

Being born into a fourth generation immigrant Italian Roman Catholic family, Johnny’s life has taken several turns and he has experienced God leading him in many different ways along his path.

In this very personal interview we dive into Johnny’s journey to Christ, which takes us all the way from the catholic upbringing which influenced his early life, to becoming a Born Again Christian, to his time in the US military and to finally becoming an author, being deeply passionate about exposing the evil forces in this world.

Learn how to present truth to a hostile audience.

johnny Cirucci

John 8:32

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