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Several years ago Bill Gates wrote an article on how one of his many goals is to hack human energy for crypto while developing the new social credit system. Few believed it possible however the times are truly changing.

Far too many I know and love among family and friends are excited about the future agenda because it sounds great, however it’s still brilliantly following the ultimate genecide agenda which no one has been able to successfully accomplish until Covid 19. How brilliant is this? Hacking humans? This is truly Corporatism and what may have once been government is now a Corportacracy.

Klaus Schwab advisor says humans are ‘hackable animals’ and ‘free will is dangerous’. The world’s ruling elite are ideologically anti-human.

Historian and author Yuval Harari, a top advisor to Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum, is being called out online as one of the key players in the globalist Great Reset agenda.

When it comes to high-tech surveillance and the integration of the human body with computers, AI and other futuristic technology, Harari isn’t shy about where he thinks we’re headed.

Readers don’t need to take our word for it as Harari often openly states his nightmarish vision for the future.

The clips posted below are just a sample of Harari’s public comments, mostly courtesy of the Thrivetime Show posting to

“We humans should get used to the idea that we are no longer mysterious souls. We are now hackable animals,” he infamously told the World Economic Forum in 2020.

Harari told CNN’s Anderson Cooper the next phase of the current spy state “is surveillance going under our skin,” adding that it is “not just dystopian, it’s also utopian.”

Harari, who previously practiced Judaism but is now an atheist and a homosexual, once condemned the Biblical notion of good versus evil as a thing of the past.

The top globalist’s disdain for the Creator is again made clear in the following video where he asserts there is no such thing as free will.

“Freedom has absolutely no meaning from a physical or biological perspective,” he said. “It’s just another myth, another empty term humans have invented. Humans have invented God, and humans have invented Heaven and Hell, and humans have invented free will, but there is no more truth to free will than there is to Heaven and Hell.”

While Harari claims humanity invented the idea of God, he simultaneously says top scientists are “in the process of becoming Gods.”

Obviously, if Harari thinks humans can reach “God” status, then he believes the existence of God is possible.

As people come closer to accomplishing this feat, the Klaus Schwab acolyte predicts homo sapiens will “disappear”.

Harari says humans as we know them today will not disappear due to self-destruction, but “because we will change and upgrade ourselves into something very different.”

In the end, he claims the planet will be run by inorganic AI programs akin to the dystopian system Skynet envisioned in “The Terminator” films.

The globalist author casually states as if it were already a fact that soon, “humans will walk around with biometric censors on or even inside their bodies, and will allow Google or Facebook or the Chinese government to monitor what happens inside my body.”

Harari even admits Covid-19 was the perfect excuse to introduce the invasive technology.

Yuval Noah Harari | Klaus Schwab Advisor “Humans Are Hackable Animals” & “Free Will Is Over.”
See Yuval Noah Harari’s terrifying vision for the future:

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