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When we first learned about Bitcoin it was only .5 cents a coin. We are all southern and very slow to awaken, yet eventually, we did awaken to this imaginary online system. Like the federal reserve which is also imaginary where the revenuers are the bookkeepers steeling half of what the masses make annually. Not one penny goes to America or the Treasury resulting in the stupidity of Americans and what we are dealing with today.


Wealth consist of the skills possessed and the land controlled. Now that’s country boy logic which will always prevail. The masses live in a fake reality. Possess skills and control land that you own and control. Remember, if you’re paying taxes it is not owned. Maybe you should get some Canadian Gold.

Very few understand Cryptography, Blockchain Technology or Cryptocurrency and they will be the ultimate, enslaved losers. Leave the woke and awaken to reality or not…

John 8:32

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