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Kay Rubacek is an award-winning filmmaker, author, TV host, and speaker on faith, family, and freedom.

Kay Rubacek exposes the truth about the cruelty, torture and pure EVIL of communism and the CCP. Tyranny is vulnerable once a stand is taken by intelligent, bold individuals, just as the Truth is always feared. The public can’t be allowed to know the truth.

Truth is a powerful weapon and those exposing the truth know this. Far too many live in fear as clearly witnessed with CV19 and the millions vaccinated and damaged for life. China is the best example of a brainwashed society just as American youth in government schools.

The woke agenda twist the minds of the masses becoming soulless bodies, the walking dead and group think. A brainwashed society is a mindless society. Once morality and ethics is gone anything goes.

A China man’s life is worth no more than grass and all men are animals, only the elite rule where they lockdown and starve any at will. The population is aging out as fewer are having children. Morality and family is being diminished as faith is being put in money the opiate of the masses who are bought and controlled resulting in total enslavement.

As doctors, lawyers, judges, politicians, CEO’s, officers, wall street and the centralized fed pursue money & profit, the greed and lies will continue. It’s a M&M business, money & murder in hospitals and nursing homes thanks to CV-19 and the fear factor. Children and now becoming the victims thanks to big pharma and those in tow.

When a lie is told long enough, everyone accepts that’s how it is because people are treated as trash. Life is no longer valuable as evidenced by 8 million trafficked annually. Few understand money & law while even fewer take a stand against such fraud and extortion. Far too many worship money while controlling, enslaving and destroying the individual. Covid has been an effective tool for culling society.

Visit “Finding Courage” a new movie by Kay Rubacek. “No Where Left To Run,” Slave Labor rules with the support of the CCP & MSM.

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