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What is the greatest army in the world?  

It’s not China, America, Russia or North Korea. 

The greatest army in the world is the hundreds of millions of people worldwide who are taking a stand against tyranny. 

“THE PEOPLE” have the greatest power all over the world!

The millions of people in France, the millions of people in Germany, the millions of people in the UK, the millions of people in America, the millions of people in Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Eastern Europe, Asia, etc.

We are the force that will change the course of history!

We are the power that will overthrow their deception!

We are the army of those who speak truth to humanity!

That’s why they are so terrified of us. They want to shut us down. Label us conspiracy theorists, domestic terrorists, spreaders of misinformation, extremists, Sovereign Citizens. 

Because we frighten them!

Your power is greater than their tyranny. Your voice can take them down. Your prayers will end their rule. Your love will shatter their hatred.

So, Don’t be afraid. Don’t back down. Don’t hide. Don’t be afraid of them. 

They are afraid of you!

They are trafficking in Person(s)!  

All Private for Profit Corporations acting and pretending to be government under color of law! 

All while getting paid through their deceptive causes of action and their creation of securities. Sold by these Foreign Bar Actors under their International Securities Licensing Identification Numbers into Muni and Prison Bond funds! 

The elitists who have been suffocating, abusing, murdering, terrorizing, torturing, impoverishing, poisoning, and deceiving all of humanity are being exposed.

They know how vastly outnumbered they are! 

They see the worldwide awakening that’s happening. They see how they have lost control. That’s why they desperately try to shut everyone down, by rushing their agenda of imposing digital currencies and digital ID’s. 

This exposes them even more. It reveals their evil hearts for all to see. The sleeping masses are even starting to sense something…

Keep speaking. Keep shouting. Keep raising the sound of deliverance. Keep spreading truth by all means. Keep showing humanity what is going on.

Give hope to the downtrodden. Speak life to those that are desperate. Lift them up. 

Don’t proclaim the victory of the wicked, but declare their downfall. Use your spiritual authority to herald the defeat of evil and announce the victory of good.

We are the greatest army in the whole world. There is nothing like us. Hell is terrified because we have Heaven on our side.

Stand up, speak truth, don’t back down, let the light shine. The new day will come.

A major blow will be dealt to their strongholds of deception

Once humanity sees this, and understands how wicked the organizations are that they have blindly trusted and unthinkingly obeyed, their reign is over.

Use this unveiling as a weapon of deliverance for humanity, to take off the masks of the evil tyrants, expose them for all to see, and wake up the world.

Join our fight against terror and tyranny, and build with us a better world of hope and Liberty to the Glory of our Abba Father & the shed blood of Jesus the Christ.

Time to take a firm stand currently & eternally!

John 8:32

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